28th September 2012

PRBB Auditorium

Barcelona Biomedical Research Park


The symposium will provide an overview of key technological breakthroughs achieved during the 4 years of the READNA project. Key concepts that will be presented include nanopore sensing, pioneering techniques for DNA manipulation, analysis within nanofluidic devices and single cell sequencing within tissue samples.


The symposium is complemented with members of the READNA Scientific Advisory Board and researchers from the CRG and CNAG.The READNA consortium is funded through the FP7 programme of the European Commission. It began on the 1st June 2008 to develop new solutions for nucleic acid analysis. The 1st and 2nd Symposium on Advance Nucleic Acid Analysis were held in Berlin (2009) and Oxford (2010).


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Image Courtesy of Dekker Group at Delft