In-depth genomics and cross-omics analysis for undiagnosed rare diseases on a user-friendly collaborative platform

The iGenCo project aims to discover novel causative genes and enable the diagnosis of rare disease patients. The efforts will build on the Undiagnosed Rare Disease Program of Catalonia (URD-Cat) project and platform, in collaboration with many hospital research groups in Catalonia.

Sergi Beltran, Head of Bioinformatics Unit and the Data Analysis Team at the CNAG-CRG, together with Juan Ramón González Ruiz at IS Global have received 300,000 euros funding from La Marató de TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio to develop innovative solutions to facilitate in-depth genomic and cross-omics analysis of molecularly undiagnosed rare disease patients.

Sergi Beltran (CNAG-CRG), Juan Ramón González Ruiz (ISGlobal)